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Tired of carrying drug reference pocketbooks while on duty?

How about fumbling with expensive medical reference apps that are cluttered and difficult to search?

As an emergency medical responder, you have to assess your patients fast and urgently recall what drugs are appropriate for a given situation.

But let’s face it: there are so many things to remember! You have over 55 drugs on the National Registry standard, countless signs and symptoms, and numerous anatomy and physiology medical terms. How are you supposed to recall all of these things in an emergency?

Answer: practice, practice, and more practice.

Know Your Stuff Before an Emergency

That’s why we created our down-to-earth EMS Flashcards app suite for your smartphone—so you can test your knowledge before an emergency occurs.

Testing your medical knowledge ahead of time can strengthen your competency in an emergency situation.

Reinforce Your Clinical Knowledge

Enhance your downtime in the field by testing your clinical knowledge. Drill yourself on important drugs, signs and symptoms, medical terminology, and key concepts in anatomy and physiology.

Why EMS Flashcards?

Portable Medical Knowledge

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Some medical reference apps go all-out on design, but are difficult to search and full of bugs. With EMS Flashcards, you’ll always have a simple, no-nonsense, all-about-the-knowledge user interface. Bug-free.

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The numbers don’t lie. Our apps have thousands of combined downloads. You’ll be among hundreds of users who have chosen EMS Flashcards as a medical reference and study tool.

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